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Born in Odessa on the shores of the Black Sea, Tania Benera is a Ukrainian photographer who has lived and worked in Strasbourg since 2014. Trained at the Odessa School of Art and Theater, she began to take an interest in photography in his arrival in France. While the sea was an integral part of her life, she discovered Alsace and, with it, a new contact with nature. The loss of the link with the Black Sea and this state of contemplation, of inner emptiness, from which a quiet joy filled with plenitude can emerge, arouses in her the need to find these original emotions by recreating links with a completely different nature. In the East of France, nature expresses itself in a singular way: a succession of unknown landscapes, disturbing forests sometimes cut off from the sun, mountains and hills which obstruct the horizon... Little by little, the beauty of this environment begins to touch her. Nature is very varied in the forests of Alsace. The scents, the muffled sounds produce a mysterious atmosphere, as if something invisible was suspended in the air. Hidden presences begin to reveal themselves to her. She learns to love this new look at nature. She marvels at the variety of textures, shapes and colors. It is this astonishment that pushes her to seize, capture and save encounters with what always reveals itself to her a little more.

She finds herself looking for contact with the life of this world of greenery, moss, branches and stumps. She opens up to another more subtle, purer, more mystical world… And this world reveals itself to her, shows her its appearance without embarrassment, with a lot of confidence, as if he already knew her, from very ancient times. Through her photographic work, Tania Benera invites you to enter into a silent dialogue with nature as it expresses itself. To get to know mysterious characters, unknown forms, magical worlds that hide in matter and beyond matter. All this life which exists discreetly in our imagination and which emerges through the forces of nature.  Take the path of the mysteries of life which leads from the invisible to the visible, there and back... Create your own itinerary through the images of Tania Benera and rediscover the imagination that exists both in you than outside of you.

Dream biography

The daughter of the sea



“The daughter of the sea has golden, slightly curly hair. Her skin emanates the heat of the sun and the freshness of the wind. It is made of small salt crystals that glow when the sun looks at it. Its eyes are green, because they continue its permanent dialogue with the sea. 

His laugh brings out small rays of sunshine through his eyes. Her whole body and child's soul constantly rejoice to meet the sea... She can't imagine living without it...

But you daughter of the sea, what are you looking for now in the middle of the forest? The sun no longer caresses your child's body! The sea no longer shines on your skin! Your hair turns gray, your look sad. You have lost the sea!

Then his green eyes begin to seek this silent dialogue with the forest. What does she want to tell him?  

A confidential conversation begins. A calm exchange without wave and without wind… Phrases of silence. And his green gaze, attentive, lights up, opens and sparkles again. 

The forest reveals to the daughter of the sea all its secrets, all its richness and beauty. She allows her to see, with her inner gaze and to become, in love of what she sees, a daughter of nature. »Tania Benera

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